Time management

Flying by the seat of your pants is rarely successful in helping you achieve your career goals. But careful planning and effective time management can help you meet, and even exceed, your career expectations.

“Effective time management is an art form; it’s something we all do with varying degrees of success,” says Dana Warren, senior vice president of staffing provider Kelly Services. “With a little planning, even the most disorganized person can be more productive.”

Developing techniques to help you manage your time effectively will reduce the pressures on you, and in turn, give you more time to yourself, Warren says. She shares these tips for keeping your days on track:

* Take inventory

Everyone has the same amount of time each day to use or lose. The clock continues to tick regardless of whether we spend our time wisely or waste it on unimportant activities.

One of the most useful exercises to improve your time management is to evaluate how you are currently spending your time. Try tracking what you do in 30-minute increments for one week. You may be surprised how much time you waste watching TV or on other things that do not contribute to your goals.

* Identify efficiencies

Organize your day so that similar activities can be done at the same time. For example, you might cluster all the activities you perform with the same person so you can get more done in your time together.

“By listing your daily activities and grouping them by category, you’ll see opportunities to save time and work more efficiently,” Warren says.

* Pretend you’re going on vacation

Have you ever noticed how much more productive you are on the days just prior to going on vacation? You’re busy tying up loose ends and making last minute preparations. “To make the most of each day,” Warren says, “I pretend I’m about to leave on a vacation. This forces me to limit time wasters and get more crossed off my ‘to do’ list.”

* Use organizing aids

Using tools like a simple “to do” list or a personal digital assistant (PDA) can be very useful for tracking your current tasks and ensuring you meet your daily goals. “After creating my daily ‘to do’ list,” Warren adds, “I highlight the ‘must do’ items for the day. I don’t want to waste time on non-urgent items or fail to meet an important deadline.”

* Prepare for the unexpected

About those interruptions, changes and occasional chaos: If you’re mentally prepared for these situations, you’re more likely to keep your cool, and their impact on your schedule and stress level can be reduced.

“The most effective employees we recruit at Kelly are those who can remain composed in hectic, pressure situations,” says Warren. “They project a feeling of confidence and comfort that things are under control.”

* Schedule leisure time

Finally, taking time for non-work activities can improve your productivity on the job. Commit time on your calendar to be with family and friends or to relax with a good book or magazine. A balanced life is a healthy life.

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There are different types of motivation. They are easy to determine by how you feel when you wake in the morning. In the morning when you hear your alarm clock, what’s going on inside you? Though, it would be better to ask, what you are doing inside yourself. Perhaps, your inner voice tells you, “You must wake up, otherwise you will be late for work and you will have big problems”. Your imagination starts drawing pictures of you being late for your work and the negative results of this silly misunderstanding. And when the pictures, drew by your imagination, become big enough, you tell yourself, “OK! OK! I’m waking up!” Finally, you are motivated enough to wake up. People, who mobilize themselves on certain actions by creating the scenario of what they want to avoid, act the same as was described in the example above.

Now, let’s talk about the other motivation type. You open your eyes and start thinking about what you could do today. Bright pictures of attractive opportunities, which you are visualizing in your mind, get you up and moving as if a huge magnet was pulling you. The only one question, which you could have is, “What to do first?” The question about should you wake up or not is not a question at all. It is a certainty; every one of you can remember a morning when you awoke with thoughts about what wonderful things would happen today! You were visualizing how you would do something pleasant, with great joy, confidently knowing beforehand of your success. You saw yourself doing these actions and moving to success. You realized that this day, connected you with the next, and you are able to achieve the goal you had strived for.

Psychologists have known of these two methods of motivation for a long time. They call one of them – “avoiding failures”, the other – “cause of success achievement”. These motivation types act differently, in different directions, and with different results. All people use both types, but usually every one of us prefers one type to the other. For example, someone could not wake up until he/she imagines his/her boss threatened to fire him/her. Most likely, this person would follow this motivation type – “avoiding failures” in many other situations. When choosing friends, they would concentrate their attention on those people who would not “push” them. He or she would not make the decision about changing their job until they understood that it was impossible to work any longer in their present position.

When a person wakes in the morning with the “cause of success achievement” mindset they can’t wait to get out of the bed and start making their dreams come true. Most of all, in this case, the person will use the same motivation type and in other situations too. For example, when deciding what moment would be better to take a break from work to chat with a colleague or reward themselves for a job well done they would probably make their decision based on achieving their goal or goals, and what opportunities that were presented.

At first look, when comparing these two motivational types, it seems the “cause of success achievement” type is more attractive. As practice shows, both types have their own positive and negative sides. For example, people who are seriously motivated about achieving their goals don’t let obstacles deter them from success. This type of thinking is typical for many entrepreneurs and self-starters. The other extreme; people whose motivation is “avoiding failures”, will avoid at all costs, taking the action that will make their dreams come true out of fear of failure. Both strategies are important. We can use both to motivate ourselves and others to gain success. Both strategies have their appropriate place. When you are suggesting a new development, plan or idea, you will get immediate approval from those who are using the “cause of success achievement” mode of thinking. You will see the completely different reaction from people whose motivational strategy is “avoiding failures”. They will tell you how many obstacles and difficulties you may have on your way, but it’s very important for you to listen to them! They may point out a significant flaw in your plan that you may have overlooked. Listen to both sides, make your decision, and move on to your success!

The article was taken to you from psychology.net.ru 

Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it’s not going to go away.

                                                                                                                            — Elvis Presley


To anyone it may concern…

Three weeks ago I started participating in a new Toshiba contest called Love to Lead with a price in $3000 – a new and fascinating laptop Toshiba Portege R400. Who doesn’t want to win a laptop like this one?!

All you need is to write an article on the topic that is coming every week in form of a
thought provoking question. No, no, it’s not – what you did last summer:)

Few resent questions were:

  • Are computer games a waste of time?
  • Is it possible to communicate with dead?
  • Should prospective parents be able to determine their child’s gender?
  • Are people born evil?

And so on.

Recently Chineseleper, one of the participants of the contest suspected someone is
cheating and I decided to find out if that was true.
Last week’s winner ideafix3 had the same comments and commentator’s names as the today’s hugo with his article “HATE = LOVE? WHY NOT!”.

After making some investigation I came to the site Catch a prize hat was designed for people who like to get free stuff from companies like this in any way possible. I found out that ideafix3 aka clea and hugo aka egoister not only were asking their friends from the message board to vote for them one or more times, but made a LINE of people willing to win the laptop. So, when one girl Natalya asked to participate in the contest they answered she had to wait for the line and she agreed.

Now, when you will go to their forum where they discussed all the stuff you will find the log in page because after my comment about all they were doing on Love to Lead website they became scared of disqualification and put the page in the restricted zone.However, if you need proofs… Well, I have it:) I made the screenshots of their pages when it was still online and public available.

So, I share this with you and hope you will be more accurate wit these kind of people in future.

Ideafix3 aka clea is putting a request for voting for her:

(the underlined lines are translated from Russian)

Clea: Toshiba is advertising a new product Toshiba Portege R400 and have one round each week. I need your help.

Clea: Thank you everyone, the voting is over. Thanks everyone who supported me!

She has won last week’s contest:

SSergGS: Clea, you are super! My congrats!

ViLORiJ: My congratulations clea! I hope that is not the last prize in your catching prize

There IS a LINE already from their message board for winning the laptop:

Black_Love: I voted, but didn’t leave the comment. Didn’t want to show my bad English

Natalya: Do you know the next questions that will be provided in the upcoming weeks? I’d like to participate too.

Mixx: Natalya, there is a line already…

Voters ask egoister aka hugo to provide them with new comments, because they don’t know English well:

– we don’t know the next questions, but know who will be the next in line:)

Natalya: Ok, I agree if you out me in the. What number will I be and who is before me?

Clea: Everyone who is supporting egoister (aka hugo) – do not write your nicknames you use here and don’t leave your emails when voting. They already have an arguing about cheating. If OUR second person will be a winner with the same list of comments, they will find out about us. And for doing not only talking leave small lines in comments (Aliens are freaking out – we are together again!)

So, egoister, make up the comments for everyone, it will look more like truth.

Lets, we will get all the laptops! It will be a victory!

Natalya: I’m in the line. You will be the next.

Lllapo4ka: I agree, I don’t know what to write in English. It would be more comfortable to put the finished comments that were changed a little bit.

We found out about their cheating:

Lllapo4ka: Cool, they understood we have a line here for prizes, we have to put everything in the private zone…

So, what to do with all this is up to Love to Lead Team and Toshiba to decide. Just know there are really good articles on the site and it’s worth to go there, write good stuff and fight for your talent.

Love is the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced. When you are in love you cannot hate anyone, it’s like you are in love with everyone.
Hate is definitely is a strong emotion that could destroy not only a human soul but whole civilizations. I think Tibet ancient people knew about this secret of the world and tried to keep their culture in a shape of wisdom that came from unknown sources, probably someone who is pure Love.

Leading traditions of almost every religion teach you to love the closed ones, even your enemies. However, not everyone understands what does it mean and have more hate in their hearts than Love to those who are around them. If you will learn how to love yourself, you’ll get the understanding what it means to love the other one.

Everyone has its own motives for doing actions in his life and everyone are justifying himself for doing bad things. Even the serial killers. From reading biographies of a couple, you can find out that they actually thought they were good people and were doing everything for the good of society. So, what was the most powerful emotion inside them? Hate or Love? We’ll never know. But I can say for sure, even they had someone they loved so much to make the things they were doing. It’s awful to hear about that, but it’s true.

So, no matter what everybody thinks whether you are a good person or a bad one, you have real light of Love inside yourself and by learning how to love yourself, you will learn what a wonderful thing it is to love others and help them. You just need some hope to discover it in yourself. Be sure you can do this. If you really want it, you‘ll discover a touch of Love we were given on the day of our birth.

When I see a child or an adult playing computer games, I want to say – hey, don’t you need something useful to do? Don’t you need to feed your child or read a good book? Don’t get me wrong – I play computer games too:) It’s ok when you do it once in a while and I’m against those violent arcades that definitely could destroy any child’s mentality. The way nowadays teenagers do it.  I don’t mean to make this global, but I think parents must raise their children in the way their parents were raising them – making children to like reading, listening to some classics and all the other high moral values that our grandparents taught us to do and what they valued so much.   Playing computer games sometimes is a good spending of time, when you are not “addicted” to it. The other thing is when your only goal is too beat your partner in a game and win some prizes means lacking a purpose in life, wasting your life for the games not for the making some good and big changes in it.  So, when you see someone playing a computer games – don’t blame them! 🙂 All they want is too have some fun. But when you brother or sister is sitting days and nights playing computer games, that’s the time when your help might come in handy.  

Success affirmations

“Thoughts and aims that keep you
  away from becoming rich”

  In general, people get some believes during their childhood and
  teen-age years. In the future, these believes will block the opportunity
  to reach your financial goals. Moreover, this happens in spite
  of the person’s will and desires. Such hidden programs psychologists
  call the “auto – suggestions”.

Most popular affirmations are

– Money is not the most important thing in life  

– What do we need money for? We can live without it. 

– We should pay for everything in this life; we can live without
  this thing.

– People only earn money by working hard.

– Born as a beggar, will die as a beggar. It is our destiny.  

– We should live within the limit of our budget.  

– Always save 10% of your earnings  

– Every idea is taken already. There is no place for me in any

– Others have all the money and power. They will not share it
  with me?  

When you are constantly under these auto – suggestions,
you will surely, sub-consciously, try to avoid money even if the
money should come to you.

A person that dreams of becoming successful must clean his/her
mind very well. Delete all negative suggestions from your subconscious

Our thoughts are the beginning of our actions. Because of this,
let us change our thoughts to positive and get the financial success
we desire and deserve.

I wish you much happiness and prosperity.

Here are my suggestions for new “success”
  affirmations for you to use:


– Everyone needs money and I will have it too!  

– Making money is easy. I just will choose the right idea
  and it will work!  

– Many people make money doing easy things. I can
  do it too!  

– Money exists for the making. I will double

– If someone is poor, it’s not my fault! My money is the
  result of my honest effort!  

– There are still so many ways left to become rich quickly. Of
, I can do this!  

Answer honestly to yourself. Are you using all the
methods for making money? Try to remember the situation when money
came to you, but you refused it because of lack of confidence
or being lazy. Now imagine how a successful woman would react
in the same situation.

Just try it and you will succeed too!

Diane W.
Student of the psychology faculty.
The article was taken from wwwomen.by.ru

Help childrenIn this age of junk mail, do-not-call lists and
spam, it’s often difficult to find valid, worthwhile messages.
As a result, people might be hesitant to donate to a good cause,
fearing a flood of direct mail, phone calls and e-mails will follow.

As the problem gets worse, people are seeking a way to give without
being constantly bombarded with unwanted solicitations. A not-for-profit
organization based in Portland, Ore., has developed an innovative
approach to making donations hassle-free while respecting people’s
privacy. They’ve also devised a way for donors to customize
their giving to fit their unique interests and lifestyles.

In order to serve people in need both quickly and continually,
Mercy Corps is launching three monthly giving programs on July
19, 2004: Give for Kids, Heroes Against Hunger, and Partners in

* Give for Kids specifically addresses the most urgent needs
of poor children around the world, helping them gain more reliable
access to nutritious food, clean water, shelter and a good education.

* Heroes Against Hunger helps Mercy Corps ensure that children
and families have enough to eat by supplying nutrient-rich foods
to communities and establishing feeding programs in local schools.

* Partners in Mercy works to guarantee a brighter future for
poor families by establishing projects that carry out such vital
tasks as providing clean water to villages, creating economic
opportunities for those most in need and building good, safe schools
for children.

These three innovative monthly giving programs enable donors
to choose the way they would like to help fight global poverty.
Through their monthly donations, supporters help establish long-term
solutions to eradicating poverty and making a difference in the
world. Donors will receive periodic newsletters and information,
but no additional solicitations.

“The need for mercy is ongoing,” says Dan O’Neill,
the organization’s president and co-founder. “We need
to provide constant relief to children and families and let them
know that the world hasn’t forgotten about them.”

According to the United Nations, 3 billion people (half the world’s
population) live on less than two dollars a day. Among them, more
than 1.3 billion people live on less than a dollar a day. The
consequences of this severe poverty are catastrophic: families
suffer from malnutrition, preventable diseases, contaminated water
supplies and decreased educational opportunities.

“The monthly support of our benefactors ensures that we
have the resources to fight poverty and alleviate suffering,”
O’Neill says. “It allows us not only to respond quickly
to tragedies and disasters, but also helps us to assist individuals
in learning valuable skills to rebuild their lives.”

Need has no nationality. Mercy Corps seeks to help people across
the world, putting the needs of children and families first by
providing rapid, long-term assistance to those most affected by
the ravages of starvation and poverty. Mercy Corps has provided
lifesaving assistance to people in 76 nations since 1979, helping
families in need restore their lives, dignity and hope.

The needs of children and families around the world are overwhelming,
but Mercy Corps’ monthly giving programs are helping to
meet those needs in ways that touch and save lives. To learn more
about how you can help transform lives around the world, please
call (800) 292-3355 (extension 250) or visit the Mercy Corps Web
site at www.mercycorps.org.

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