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It’s up for everyone to have its’ own choice – whether to believe it or not… well, mostly like about everything else. When you live on the Earth and you are quite young, you certainly do not think about things like death. You simply enjoy your life or just trying to live it. It depends. But when you are old enough to have your own grandchildren you start asking yourself whether you’ve lived a good life or you’ve just wasted it for thinking about living it. You think about your goals and achieving them, but usually you put the priorities right when it’s too late. You recognize (if you are lucky to become wise) that your family and close ones are the most important part of your life and that probably you had to spend more time with them. It all comes with age… 

And when you are at the point in your life when you feel you’ll be on the Other Earth soon, you feel you’ve done too little in this life and you have to do something more. Unfinished deals. But you don’t have time. Life will not wait; you’ve wasted it for thinking not doing.  

I can remember Discovery Channel’s story about the mother who’s been protected by her son who past away and still was sending her some signs that he is with her – little coins she was finding all over again and again. Do you think he would leave her when she was missing her only child? No. That’s what helped her to move on. 

I don’t believe in all those psychics who tell you where your late granddad hid the treasure. But what I do believe in is when someone close to you wants to protect and support you even if he could not be with you physically. 


When God created us by his shape and form, was he allowing us to be Him? Or could we ever have the power He has? No!  In 1900, when the genetics came to our life, scientists were anticipated major positive effects it could have on human race. Nowadays the genetics made it’s steps from childhood to teen age. You can forecast the unborn child’s deceases at the early stage of pregnancy with help of genome map. It helps many families who have some sort of fear of the heritage they might leave to their child. As a future mother, I’ll tell you a secret:) I’d like to have a boy. Please cross the fingers for me:) But also as a person who likes surprises whether it’s good or bad, I want my child to be “natural”. I mean if your mom or dad would be allowed to determine their future children’ gender would you be born? I’m sorry, but I doubt it. Considering all the humanity knows so far about itself, there could never be born a child like you, your exact copy. So, you were born from one thousands millions other children your parents could have. Do you understand how lucky you are?:) You are so unique, that there never were and never will be born a person like you are, with the same looks, same character qualities, same bad and good traits you have. And all the best you are giving the world with your abilities could never be given by someone else. You are so lucky, that you won the first big lottery in your life! God or a Higher Power (call it as you wish) gave you a chance to become who you are – a human being.  So, if you’d like to determine your future child’s birth, will it be the child you were destined to have? No. I don’t think so. It might be a great boy or a girl, but you might never encounter exactly the same feelings, as if you’d have that special child that was meant to be with you.

As always Yours,

Many of us have had a struggling times at least once in our life. Some of you get sick, some loose the faith in your friends’ support when it needs the most, some are just not sure why they are here, on the Earth and what is their purpose in life. But all these different people are connected with one global thought – a hope to find a way out of this situation.
Sometimes you think – no matter how hard you try and how long the way, you’d still be in all this mess and it seems no one in the world could help you. I thought so too.

One sunny bright morning when I was sitting on a bench in the backyard and sipping a freshy milk, I was thinking is it worth going on and on. Why do we live on the Earth and is it so true that scientists say we came up from apes? I think we will never know the truth, no matter how hard the scietists will try.

At that point of my life, I had a depression that won’t stop, I just didn’t see the way out. Perhaps, we all do sometimes, but somehow we move forward and continue to live our lifes as it was before.

At that sunny morning I understood one thing. It just clearly came to my mind… We are not alone. No matter how many people are around you, you still could feel you are alone. It’s sad, feeling alone in a crowd. I’ve had that feeling too. But at that morning I felt – we are not alone.
I don’t mean the aliens:)

All I heard was: “you are not alone in this wrold” and I felt the warmth of the wind inside me. Somehow it has brought a new meaning to my life and now in any situation I know – we are not alone. There is someone out there who’s watching over you and keeps you safe and tells you what to do, what is right for you. Sometimes you hear it, sometimes you don’t and sometimes you just don’t want to. But the truth is – you are here for some purpose and whether you want it or not, someone who’s name is Love is always with you.
So, I’m not alone anymore. You are not alone either and don’t doubt it a second in your life. You are not alone.

Yours, Kathrine