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When you watch movies like The Lake House and Titanic why do you so extremely desire to feel the same feelings shown in films? Why do you long so much to love and feel loved, feel the same closeness with someone really special that would feel like you both are two parts of one whole thing?

I watched The Lake House today and cried my eyes out. Through out the movie you feel the inner beauty of story line that goes so deep inside you. And you really feel it…

How many times we watch romantic movies like this willing to fill the emptiness in our hearts? The real world doesn’t always fulfill our unconquerable desire to love and be loved. In real relationship most times you get not enough positive and romantic emotions especially after years of living together. So, that is when the time is right for making your relationship fresh again and make it grow with a new power of your love.

Make your soul mate feel loved by doing some romantic things that could Romantic tipsmake her or his feelings arise again. Changing a make up, hair style, location of your joint weekends would be just great.

Acting differently is what you have to remember. That’s how you’ll attract your partner’s attention to yourself again and make your relationship bloom.

For those who are still waiting or looking or hoping for finding love… wait, look and hope. There is a reason we so desperately want to have this wonderful feeling in out life. Simply because we were born for this feeling –to love and be loved. Otherwise, we would not need it so much in our life.

For those who have lost their hope… Well, all I can say, everyone has that someone somewhere you meant to be with. Desperation is not the best thing you can present to yourself, hope is. Like in The Lake House – hope dies the last, no – hope never dies, just like love doesn’t.

Love never fails…

Meeting your loved one

Love, Hope and Live your Life to the Fullest and don’t regret about the Past. This is the way it should be…

You are a wonderful person with your own feelings and emotions and there is no place for depression in your heart, because God created you from Love and watches over You.  


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First of all, it’s … Hurraaa!!! Very big Hurrrrraaa!

When I saw the results of the last week’s round on the main page of Love to Lead, I was shocked! Thank God, in a good way I was shocked simply, because I didn’t believe till the end I’m gonna win!

Thank you everyone who voted for me and the article that means so much to me “Is love stronger feeling than hate?”. My answer is YES. Love is the strongest emotion we can ever feel and the most powerful. Thank you all guys who supported this opinion. I’m very happy there are more loving people in the world than hatred ones. Love can overcome all, hate cannot. We proved it! And we won!

The rest is up to time and Toshiba as everyone is waiting new Toshiba Portege R400 to come in March. When I get it, I’m going to make a review of the new laptop that can suit your needs even in Big Bussiness as I found out at ToshibaDirect. I hope so I like lerning about computers and new ways it may improve our lifes. I hope my dreams will become a reality with new Toshiba Portege R400 New ways of person’s creative expression is what I think creative people new right now. I think new laptop Toshiba is a new way of proving it and showing your best abilities.

Also, I’m going to take a look at all the new features Windows Vista has to offer. From what I read on Internet so far, it’s definately has to go with new Toshiba laptop as it was designed specifically for this OS.

More to come. Stay tuned!

I thank all the voters who supported the article, this opinion and me!

Thank you!!!

Yours, Kathrine

Love is the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced. When you are in love you cannot hate anyone, it’s like you are in love with everyone.
Hate is definitely is a strong emotion that could destroy not only a human soul but whole civilizations. I think Tibet ancient people knew about this secret of the world and tried to keep their culture in a shape of wisdom that came from unknown sources, probably someone who is pure Love.

Leading traditions of almost every religion teach you to love the closed ones, even your enemies. However, not everyone understands what does it mean and have more hate in their hearts than Love to those who are around them. If you will learn how to love yourself, you’ll get the understanding what it means to love the other one.

Everyone has its own motives for doing actions in his life and everyone are justifying himself for doing bad things. Even the serial killers. From reading biographies of a couple, you can find out that they actually thought they were good people and were doing everything for the good of society. So, what was the most powerful emotion inside them? Hate or Love? We’ll never know. But I can say for sure, even they had someone they loved so much to make the things they were doing. It’s awful to hear about that, but it’s true.

So, no matter what everybody thinks whether you are a good person or a bad one, you have real light of Love inside yourself and by learning how to love yourself, you will learn what a wonderful thing it is to love others and help them. You just need some hope to discover it in yourself. Be sure you can do this. If you really want it, you‘ll discover a touch of Love we were given on the day of our birth.