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First of all, it’s … Hurraaa!!! Very big Hurrrrraaa!

When I saw the results of the last week’s round on the main page of Love to Lead, I was shocked! Thank God, in a good way I was shocked simply, because I didn’t believe till the end I’m gonna win!

Thank you everyone who voted for me and the article that means so much to me “Is love stronger feeling than hate?”. My answer is YES. Love is the strongest emotion we can ever feel and the most powerful. Thank you all guys who supported this opinion. I’m very happy there are more loving people in the world than hatred ones. Love can overcome all, hate cannot. We proved it! And we won!

The rest is up to time and Toshiba as everyone is waiting new Toshiba Portege R400 to come in March. When I get it, I’m going to make a review of the new laptop that can suit your needs even in Big Bussiness as I found out at ToshibaDirect. I hope so I like lerning about computers and new ways it may improve our lifes. I hope my dreams will become a reality with new Toshiba Portege R400 New ways of person’s creative expression is what I think creative people new right now. I think new laptop Toshiba is a new way of proving it and showing your best abilities.

Also, I’m going to take a look at all the new features Windows Vista has to offer. From what I read on Internet so far, it’s definately has to go with new Toshiba laptop as it was designed specifically for this OS.

More to come. Stay tuned!

I thank all the voters who supported the article, this opinion and me!

Thank you!!!

Yours, Kathrine



Applying for scholarships can be intimidating. There are hundreds of them out there and figuring out which ones you qualify for, then correctly completing the requirements for each one, can be quite confusing. Sometimes, students even wonder if they should submit an application. But the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” To help ease some of the anxiety and confusion, applicants often find themselves in need of tips and suggestions.

First and foremost, do your homework. Finding scholarships takes time and research. Good places to start are in your guidance counselor’s office, the local library and online. Sara Glickman of Silver Spring, Md. is a recent scholarship recipient who successfully applied for a national scholarship. Glickman was surfing the Internet and looking at college scholarship information when she came across the Target All-Around Scholarship.

Glickman knew her strong volunteering background with organizations like the American Cancer Society, Race for the Cure, her college’s community service fraternity, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars gave her a shot at the scholarship.

While Glickman’s scholarship application materials mentions her work with various local volunteer organizations, her essay focused on one specific project — “Living Journals” — a program Glickman started when her grandmother was in a local hospice to record her memories, stories and conversations. Other patients soon were asking Glickman to help make recordings of their family’s memories, and she even expanded her services to nearby nursing home facilities. The Living Journals project continues to be a special project for Glickman, one she continues to be involved in which is near and dear to her heart.

Glickman’s focused essay impressed the scholarship committee, and she was selected as one of the Target All-Around Scholarship winners.

“We believe it’s important to recognize aspiring leaders for their volunteerism and academic achievements,” says Laysha Ward, vice president, community relations, Target Corporation. “In line with our company’s commitment to community service, the Target All-Around Scholarship program awards young people who have given back and have made a visible difference in their communities.”

Following are some tips for writing a winning scholarship application essay:

Narrow The Topic. Before tackling an essay question, create a list of possible topics, ranking the ideas in order of interest, and selecting the one that is most important to you. Narrowing the topic down to one activity or experience ensures that your essay will be clear and concise.

Be Passionate. Most of us have a hard time writing good things about ourselves. But when writing your scholarship essay, it’s important to talk about yourself and the things that are important to you. Chances are, if you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into a particular activity, then you’re passionate about it. Make sure your essays reflect this and explain how your participation has affected you.

Edit. Revise. Re-write. You should never submit a first-draft as a final product. Make sure you review your essay, revise it, and have someone close to you read over your work.

Identify References Early. Many scholarship applications require an endorsement from someone familiar with you and your accomplishments. Select a person who knows you well and will be an advocate about your commitment. Make sure you give this person plenty of time to complete their letter, and be sure to send them a hand-written thank you note afterwards.

Be Timely. Every application has a deadline. No matter how great your application is, if you don’t honor the deadline your application won’t be considered. Make sure to allow enough time to request and receive your transcripts, letters of recommendation, and any other supporting documents.

Like Glickman, if you are a college-bound senior or an active undergrad, age 24 or younger who spends a lot of time volunteering in your community, you are eligible to apply for Target’s All-Around Scholarship. The company awards one $25,000 scholarship and more than six-hundred $1,000 scholarships to applicants nationwide.

Applications are due November 1, 2004. For application materials please call (800) 316-6142, visit your local Target store or go to and click on “Community Giving.”

Courtesy of ARA Content

When I see a child or an adult playing computer games, I want to say – hey, don’t you need something useful to do? Don’t you need to feed your child or read a good book? Don’t get me wrong – I play computer games too:) It’s ok when you do it once in a while and I’m against those violent arcades that definitely could destroy any child’s mentality. The way nowadays teenagers do it.  I don’t mean to make this global, but I think parents must raise their children in the way their parents were raising them – making children to like reading, listening to some classics and all the other high moral values that our grandparents taught us to do and what they valued so much.   Playing computer games sometimes is a good spending of time, when you are not “addicted” to it. The other thing is when your only goal is too beat your partner in a game and win some prizes means lacking a purpose in life, wasting your life for the games not for the making some good and big changes in it.  So, when you see someone playing a computer games – don’t blame them! 🙂 All they want is too have some fun. But when you brother or sister is sitting days and nights playing computer games, that’s the time when your help might come in handy.  

Help childrenIn this age of junk mail, do-not-call lists and
spam, it’s often difficult to find valid, worthwhile messages.
As a result, people might be hesitant to donate to a good cause,
fearing a flood of direct mail, phone calls and e-mails will follow.

As the problem gets worse, people are seeking a way to give without
being constantly bombarded with unwanted solicitations. A not-for-profit
organization based in Portland, Ore., has developed an innovative
approach to making donations hassle-free while respecting people’s
privacy. They’ve also devised a way for donors to customize
their giving to fit their unique interests and lifestyles.

In order to serve people in need both quickly and continually,
Mercy Corps is launching three monthly giving programs on July
19, 2004: Give for Kids, Heroes Against Hunger, and Partners in

* Give for Kids specifically addresses the most urgent needs
of poor children around the world, helping them gain more reliable
access to nutritious food, clean water, shelter and a good education.

* Heroes Against Hunger helps Mercy Corps ensure that children
and families have enough to eat by supplying nutrient-rich foods
to communities and establishing feeding programs in local schools.

* Partners in Mercy works to guarantee a brighter future for
poor families by establishing projects that carry out such vital
tasks as providing clean water to villages, creating economic
opportunities for those most in need and building good, safe schools
for children.

These three innovative monthly giving programs enable donors
to choose the way they would like to help fight global poverty.
Through their monthly donations, supporters help establish long-term
solutions to eradicating poverty and making a difference in the
world. Donors will receive periodic newsletters and information,
but no additional solicitations.

“The need for mercy is ongoing,” says Dan O’Neill,
the organization’s president and co-founder. “We need
to provide constant relief to children and families and let them
know that the world hasn’t forgotten about them.”

According to the United Nations, 3 billion people (half the world’s
population) live on less than two dollars a day. Among them, more
than 1.3 billion people live on less than a dollar a day. The
consequences of this severe poverty are catastrophic: families
suffer from malnutrition, preventable diseases, contaminated water
supplies and decreased educational opportunities.

“The monthly support of our benefactors ensures that we
have the resources to fight poverty and alleviate suffering,”
O’Neill says. “It allows us not only to respond quickly
to tragedies and disasters, but also helps us to assist individuals
in learning valuable skills to rebuild their lives.”

Need has no nationality. Mercy Corps seeks to help people across
the world, putting the needs of children and families first by
providing rapid, long-term assistance to those most affected by
the ravages of starvation and poverty. Mercy Corps has provided
lifesaving assistance to people in 76 nations since 1979, helping
families in need restore their lives, dignity and hope.

The needs of children and families around the world are overwhelming,
but Mercy Corps’ monthly giving programs are helping to
meet those needs in ways that touch and save lives. To learn more
about how you can help transform lives around the world, please
call (800) 292-3355 (extension 250) or visit the Mercy Corps Web
site at

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