Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it’s not going to go away.

                                                                                                                            — Elvis Presley


To anyone it may concern…

Three weeks ago I started participating in a new Toshiba contest called Love to Lead with a price in $3000 – a new and fascinating laptop Toshiba Portege R400. Who doesn’t want to win a laptop like this one?!

All you need is to write an article on the topic that is coming every week in form of a
thought provoking question. No, no, it’s not – what you did last summer:)

Few resent questions were:

  • Are computer games a waste of time?
  • Is it possible to communicate with dead?
  • Should prospective parents be able to determine their child’s gender?
  • Are people born evil?

And so on.

Recently Chineseleper, one of the participants of the contest suspected someone is
cheating and I decided to find out if that was true.
Last week’s winner ideafix3 had the same comments and commentator’s names as the today’s hugo with his article “HATE = LOVE? WHY NOT!”.

After making some investigation I came to the site Catch a prize hat was designed for people who like to get free stuff from companies like this in any way possible. I found out that ideafix3 aka clea and hugo aka egoister not only were asking their friends from the message board to vote for them one or more times, but made a LINE of people willing to win the laptop. So, when one girl Natalya asked to participate in the contest they answered she had to wait for the line and she agreed.

Now, when you will go to their forum where they discussed all the stuff you will find the log in page because after my comment about all they were doing on Love to Lead website they became scared of disqualification and put the page in the restricted zone.However, if you need proofs… Well, I have it:) I made the screenshots of their pages when it was still online and public available.

So, I share this with you and hope you will be more accurate wit these kind of people in future.

Ideafix3 aka clea is putting a request for voting for her:

(the underlined lines are translated from Russian)

Clea: Toshiba is advertising a new product Toshiba Portege R400 and have one round each week. I need your help.

Clea: Thank you everyone, the voting is over. Thanks everyone who supported me!

She has won last week’s contest:

SSergGS: Clea, you are super! My congrats!

ViLORiJ: My congratulations clea! I hope that is not the last prize in your catching prize

There IS a LINE already from their message board for winning the laptop:

Black_Love: I voted, but didn’t leave the comment. Didn’t want to show my bad English

Natalya: Do you know the next questions that will be provided in the upcoming weeks? I’d like to participate too.

Mixx: Natalya, there is a line already…

Voters ask egoister aka hugo to provide them with new comments, because they don’t know English well:

– we don’t know the next questions, but know who will be the next in line:)

Natalya: Ok, I agree if you out me in the. What number will I be and who is before me?

Clea: Everyone who is supporting egoister (aka hugo) – do not write your nicknames you use here and don’t leave your emails when voting. They already have an arguing about cheating. If OUR second person will be a winner with the same list of comments, they will find out about us. And for doing not only talking leave small lines in comments (Aliens are freaking out – we are together again!)

So, egoister, make up the comments for everyone, it will look more like truth.

Lets, we will get all the laptops! It will be a victory!

Natalya: I’m in the line. You will be the next.

Lllapo4ka: I agree, I don’t know what to write in English. It would be more comfortable to put the finished comments that were changed a little bit.

We found out about their cheating:

Lllapo4ka: Cool, they understood we have a line here for prizes, we have to put everything in the private zone…

So, what to do with all this is up to Love to Lead Team and Toshiba to decide. Just know there are really good articles on the site and it’s worth to go there, write good stuff and fight for your talent.