When I see a child or an adult playing computer games, I want to say – hey, don’t you need something useful to do? Don’t you need to feed your child or read a good book? Don’t get me wrong – I play computer games too:) It’s ok when you do it once in a while and I’m against those violent arcades that definitely could destroy any child’s mentality. The way nowadays teenagers do it.  I don’t mean to make this global, but I think parents must raise their children in the way their parents were raising them – making children to like reading, listening to some classics and all the other high moral values that our grandparents taught us to do and what they valued so much.   Playing computer games sometimes is a good spending of time, when you are not “addicted” to it. The other thing is when your only goal is too beat your partner in a game and win some prizes means lacking a purpose in life, wasting your life for the games not for the making some good and big changes in it.  So, when you see someone playing a computer games – don’t blame them! 🙂 All they want is too have some fun. But when you brother or sister is sitting days and nights playing computer games, that’s the time when your help might come in handy.