Success affirmations

“Thoughts and aims that keep you
  away from becoming rich”

  In general, people get some believes during their childhood and
  teen-age years. In the future, these believes will block the opportunity
  to reach your financial goals. Moreover, this happens in spite
  of the person’s will and desires. Such hidden programs psychologists
  call the “auto – suggestions”.

Most popular affirmations are

– Money is not the most important thing in life  

– What do we need money for? We can live without it. 

– We should pay for everything in this life; we can live without
  this thing.

– People only earn money by working hard.

– Born as a beggar, will die as a beggar. It is our destiny.  

– We should live within the limit of our budget.  

– Always save 10% of your earnings  

– Every idea is taken already. There is no place for me in any

– Others have all the money and power. They will not share it
  with me?  

When you are constantly under these auto – suggestions,
you will surely, sub-consciously, try to avoid money even if the
money should come to you.

A person that dreams of becoming successful must clean his/her
mind very well. Delete all negative suggestions from your subconscious

Our thoughts are the beginning of our actions. Because of this,
let us change our thoughts to positive and get the financial success
we desire and deserve.

I wish you much happiness and prosperity.

Here are my suggestions for new “success”
  affirmations for you to use:


– Everyone needs money and I will have it too!  

– Making money is easy. I just will choose the right idea
  and it will work!  

– Many people make money doing easy things. I can
  do it too!  

– Money exists for the making. I will double

– If someone is poor, it’s not my fault! My money is the
  result of my honest effort!  

– There are still so many ways left to become rich quickly. Of
, I can do this!  

Answer honestly to yourself. Are you using all the
methods for making money? Try to remember the situation when money
came to you, but you refused it because of lack of confidence
or being lazy. Now imagine how a successful woman would react
in the same situation.

Just try it and you will succeed too!

Diane W.
Student of the psychology faculty.
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