Many women dream about a successful career. But some of them only dream about one, but don’t know how to achieve it. We will talk about the strategy of successful career growth later. And now – some moments that are very important for your growing career.

Get support from your colleagues. Actually, individuals rarely achieve high position. Because of this the attention from other colleagues is very important for you. Keeping up good relations will be possible if you are:

• A team player

Support your colleagues. Phrases like “Apparently, my help will be pertinent”, “It would be a pleasure to share this work with you”, I’m sure, together we can make it better and quicker” will help you. Also people would have an opinion about you as a sympathetic person.

Share the successes. Use a word “We” instead “I”. For example: “I’m sure our boss will love what we made together”, “We did it!”, “… thanks to our team…” and so on. Be as solid as a rock against the temptation to show your successes. You can show this only in special cases we’ll talk about later. Use your sense of humor. If someone is jealous of you and show’s it, just make a quick joke about yourself (your outfit, name, the way you look today…). Also you can change the fault of your colleague into a joke, for example:”My friend had the same situation. But it’s ok; you are a strong person and can overcome it”.• Ask an advice

Do not feel guilty for asking advice from your colleague. This will show your respect to him/her and win his/her favor. They will greatly appreciate your respect.

• Show your interest

Show your interest in your colleague’s work. Simple questions, like “How is it going at work?”, “how is your baby?”, “Wouldn’t you like to go to the concert?” will create a visibility of the interest to your colleague’s life.

• Use compliments

Make compliments to your colleagues. Find a way to praise them. For example, your colleague has new clothes. You could comment, “Great style”, “perfect cut”, “the color suits you so well”, “you have great taste”.

• Be one of them

Agree (at least in words) with those who are most powerful. If they say working in this company is very difficult, just agree with that. Prices are high – you are agree. They go to bed late and do not have enough sleep? You do it too! And so on.

In general, these methods will help to “raise your stock” among your colleagues. However, to build up your career you need to use other methods also. For sure, we will talk about it more in future articles.

Good luck!

To be continued!

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