It’s up for everyone to have its’ own choice – whether to believe it or not… well, mostly like about everything else. When you live on the Earth and you are quite young, you certainly do not think about things like death. You simply enjoy your life or just trying to live it. It depends. But when you are old enough to have your own grandchildren you start asking yourself whether you’ve lived a good life or you’ve just wasted it for thinking about living it. You think about your goals and achieving them, but usually you put the priorities right when it’s too late. You recognize (if you are lucky to become wise) that your family and close ones are the most important part of your life and that probably you had to spend more time with them. It all comes with age… 

And when you are at the point in your life when you feel you’ll be on the Other Earth soon, you feel you’ve done too little in this life and you have to do something more. Unfinished deals. But you don’t have time. Life will not wait; you’ve wasted it for thinking not doing.  

I can remember Discovery Channel’s story about the mother who’s been protected by her son who past away and still was sending her some signs that he is with her – little coins she was finding all over again and again. Do you think he would leave her when she was missing her only child? No. That’s what helped her to move on. 

I don’t believe in all those psychics who tell you where your late granddad hid the treasure. But what I do believe in is when someone close to you wants to protect and support you even if he could not be with you physically.